Content Management

Content Management has become increasingly important and complex in recent years. An effective solution can streamline access, eliminate bottlenecks, optimize security, maintain integrity and minimize overhead. Content Management software tools can be used to identify duplicate and near-duplicate content, allowing the organization to keep a few copies of a particular piece of content instead of hundreds.

Financial fraud, data breaches and ever stricter regulations have made effective information governance essential not only for compliance reasons, but also to help protect the organization’s reputation.

Enterprises also need to manage content effectively for integration with business intelligence/business analytics applications

When we plan a solution we always examine two perspectives:

  • As a strategic approach, a solution which will help our clients take control of their content and, in so doing, boost effectiveness, encourage collaboration and make information easier to share.
  • As a software toolset, a solution which consists of a set of capabilities and/or applications for content life cycle management that interoperate, but that can also be acquired and used separately.

Content Management components are:

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